Paljassaare 43G, Tallinn,
Estonia 10313 (Harjumaa)
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Paljassaare 43G, Tallinn,
Estonia 10313 (Harjumaa)
Supply of equipment, components and spare parts from the world's leading manufacturers

Company ADK Trans OÜ

ADK Trans OÜ is engaged in professional international deliveries of a wide range of the equipment and accessories more than 10 years.


As a highly integrated provider, we are able to provide a stable supply of various types of equipment and materials. Our goal is the full-scale development of high-quality, open, reliable and focused projects.

10 years


28 410

the number of deals

35 countries



official partners

ADK Trans OÜ


Global supply of
equipment around the world.

Service «Purchasing office»

For more than 10 years we have been working with clients from EU and CIS and offer new clients from CIS the "Purchase Office" service

How does it work and why is it profitable?
Saving your time and finances
The client for the suppliers is our Estonian company, an EU resident. What does it do? For suppliers, export procedures to CIS are excluded, while sales from all countries, with the exception of Estonia, take place without VAT.
All that is required to conclude a deal with counterparties in the EU is to issue an invoice to ADK Trans OÜ. Thus, you get savings in time and money.
Storage of your cargo
We offer our warehouse for storage and acceptance of goods, with an area of over 700 sq.m.
Qualified staff
Qualified personnel will receive your goods, label and arrange storage properly. If necessary, we will perform photographing, repackaging and other procedures related to the peculiarities of customs clearance of goods in CIS.
Internal use of goods in the EU without customs clearance
The advantages of the Free Economic Zone in the port of Muuga allow you to work with cargo from Southeast Asia, without customs clearance for internal use in the EU.
Simplification of document flow and procedures of interaction with customs
In this algorithm, our company acts as your counterparty and exporter from the EU. This gives tremendous advantages when working with the EU and countries from Southeast Asia: due to the consolidation of goods from several suppliers, the goods enter the territory of the Customs Union under one invoice, contract and other shipping documents. Documents are guaranteed to be error-free, in the right format and with all the required data. This greatly simplifies the paperwork and procedures for interaction between the importing company in CIS and the customs authorities, and also significantly reduces customs costs.
Rich experience that we are ready to share
If you need us, we are ready to provide all the possibilities and knowledge of international cargo turnover, accumulated over the past 10 years.
Partnership in the EU
If you need a reliable partner in the EU, with experience in interregional trade, a warehouse for storing your products, we can be your representative in the EU. This gives your business unique advantages for doing business in the EU. You can ensure the availability of your goods in a warehouse in Estonia, and accordingly the best delivery time and the best price for your customers.
Openness to different types of cooperation
Our team values not only clarity and professionalism, but also flexibility and creative thinking. Therefore, we are open to new and non-standard interaction schemes.

Request a quote for the supply of equipment and components

After sending the application our managers will contact you for coordination of the moments connected with delivery of the necessary list of goods. You can specify a convenient time for you, as well as additional comments on the order.

Paljassaare 43G, Tallinn,

Estonia 10313 (Harjumaa)

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